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A Certain Scientific Mix


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Share a Revolution
¡ Share a Revolution Mix!
Nature Postmortem
¡  Nature PostMortem Mix!
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I Need Seed  -    Thee Oh Sees
Where We Go  -    Seapony
You and your bright ideas (ft. ditto ditto)  -    DoKashiteru ccMixter
Stinking Cloud  -    Thee Oh Sees
Germ Free Adolescents  -    X-Ray Spex
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance  -    Vampire Weekend
Pipe Wrench Dubstep  -    Tomas Dvorak
Oh Bondange! Up Yours! (Live At The Roxy)  -    X-Ray Spex
Wild Life (Blessings Remix)  -    Unicorn Kid
Freedom in our Voices (ft. SackJo22, Vero, MiElle)  -    ditto ditto
From The Roof Of The World You Can See Forever Part B  -    Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings
Ah, It Was in the Garage After All  -    Lullatone
Let's Submerge  -    X-Ray Spex
Go Away  -    Seapony
I Live Off You (Live At The Roxy)  -    X-Ray Spex
A lot of People Cutting Grass on a Sunday  -    Lullatone
Flying Violently  -    Yes Please
Junk Food Junkie  -    X-Ray Spex
Tacobel Canon  -    Ratatat


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Paper Planes (Remix by ADROCK)  -    M.I.A
Eltern  -    Hauschka
No Viniste  -    Natalia LaFourcade
La Broma  -    Very Be Careful
Ant Eaters Eat Ants -    Isan
Are We All Right?  -    Lucky Dragons
Mango Pickle Down River (feat. the Wilcannia Mob) -    M.I.A
Taller Children  -    Elizabeth & the Catapults
What This Button Did  -    Isan
Hu Hu Hu  -    Natalia LaFourcade
Flora's Secret  -    Enya
Take Turns  -    Lucky Dragons
Cathart  -    Isan
La Gata Perdida  -    Very Be Careful
20 Dollar  -    M.I.A
Now Then, Here There theme song  -    Takumi Iwasaki


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  A Certain Scientific Mix!


¡  A Certain Scientific Mix!   79.9Mb (1:22min)

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Traveling Starlight Tea .¨_¨.

"Traveling Starlight tea mix"
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Afterhours Re-Mix (aka. Chilainopolis)

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